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Math Welcome

Welcome to the Mathematics Department at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith!


UAFS Math Major Eric Bickerton


The Department of Mathematics offers courses serving a variety of student needs. Whether you need only a few courses or an entire major in mathematics the Mathematics Department is here to provide you with the very best mathematical education. The Mathematics Department is housed in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and supports general education and majors throughout the campus in addition to offering a Minor in Mathematics and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics.



Joseph Geisbauer & Dr. Guerra


Whether you plan on entering a career in business, government, or education our Bachelors of Science in Mathematics will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. Mathematicians are in high demand for many of the most rewarding jobs. Industries often hire mathematicians for their abilities to think logically, solve problems, adapt, and learn.  Several top paying jobs in business can be obtained with a degree in mathematics. The largest single employer of mathematicians in the world is the United States government. In particular, the National Security Agency relies heavily on mathematicians to keep the nation secure. Check out our Programs and Degrees to get more detail about our degree options.



Dr. Myron Rigsby


Preparing future teachers to make a significant difference in the lives of students in the secondary schools of our region is a very high priority of not only the Mathematics Department but also the Colleges of Science, Technology, Engineering,and Mathematics and Education as well. There is a very high demand for mathematics teachers in nearly every part of our nation. Certainly, our region is no exception. There has been a long standing shortage of qualified mathematics teachers in this area. UA – Fort Smith graduates in mathematics education are highly sought by school districts in the Arkansas River Valley and Northwest Arkansas.  A student with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education with Secondary Teacher Licensure will be prepared to help participate in the national goal of raising the mathematical performance of high school students to the best in the world over the next decade.



Mathematics plays a central role in the total development of a thinking person. Mathematics instruction is a key component leading to mastery of the University’s general education competencies which are designed to develop a well-rounded adaptable member of society. Every degree program on campus includes at least one course in mathematics. Many students take several courses in mathematics and some will pursue a minor or major in mathematics, better preparing them for their future.

Math Faculty Graduation 2004


At the Mathematics Department of UA - Fort Smith you will find a faculty of experienced and qualified educators focused on helping students develop mathematical thinking and skills that are useful in any area of life. You will also find students from all areas on campus building their skills as they progress toward their life goals. Students are taught in small classes with a lot of individual attention. (Average class sizes run in the 20's.) Students are taught by experienced faculty who are focused on student learning. If you need someone to carefully explain mathematics, make concepts clear, make connections, and give you the skills for success in life, then this is the place. Explore the links to the left for more information.




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