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  1. Biology

    The Biology degree is a broad-based interdisciplinary program delivered by highly qualified and dedicated faculty in a modern facility.
  2. Chemistry

    A degree in Chemistry provides in-depth instruction and extensive hands-on laboratory experience.
  3. Database Management

    Database developers help companies by creating structures, tools, forms, etc. that are necessary for utilizing that data in the workplace.
  4. Networking

    Network professionals are the enablers of the Internet as well as local and wide area networks, the public switched network, and many more.
  5. Programming

    Programmers translate business problems into code computers can understand making this profession extremely valuable.
  6. Web Developer

    Web developers play a critical role in helping firms widen their digital ideas using advanced website features as tools to communicate and engage.
  7. Electrical Engineering

    Many engineering graduates become managers and leaders in the public and private sectors because of the problem-solving skills that were developed as part of an engineering education.
  8. Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering is a highly tuned and practical way of developing products, structures, devices, etc.
  9. Mathematics

    Whether you plan on entering a career in business, government, or education, Mathematics gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.
  10. STEM Education

    STEM education offers the largest variety of teaching opportunities in an array of unique fields of study.

IT Home

Information Technology

 is one of the fastest growing departments on campus. Housed in the Baldor Technology Center, every class includes hands on work with the latest computer technology.

Laboratory access is provided to students for completing homework or working on projects both in class as well as outside of class time. We believe in hands-on experience to prepare our students for a career in this fast-paced and rapidly growing field.

Every class meets in a lab setting, and class sizes are typically between 10 and 25 students. This allows our students to interact on an individual level with each instructor as well as allowing each student to work with the equipment. You won't be 'just a number' in our department.

Our faculty members have 'been there and done that'. We have worked in the computer industry as well as been hobbyists with computers for many years and we are able to apply this experience in the classroom, giving our students an insight into what they will see and do when they graduate and start a career.


We offer Bachelor of Science degrees in:

  • Database Management
  • Programming 
  • Networking
  • Web Development.

As well as an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Technology.

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