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Biological Sciences Faculty and Staff






Item of Interest:
Co-Author of Fishes of

Dr. Thomas M. Buchanan

Office: MS-228
Phone: 479-788-7617     

Specialties:  Ichthyology and Fish Ecology

Courses Taught:  Ichthyology, Ecology, Vertebrate Zoology, General Zoology






Item of Interest:
Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Ragupathy Kannan

Office: MS-222
Phone: 479-788-7616

Specialties:  Ornithology and Wildlife Conservation

Courses Taught:  Ornithology, Ecology, Wildlife Conservation, Mammalogy


Item of Interest: Co-Author 
of  Microbiology: A Pet 

Dr. Davis Pritchett

Office: MS-325
Phone: 479-788-7741

Specialties:  Virology and Restoration Ecology

Courses Taught:  Microbiology and Immunology, Invertebrate Zoology, General Microbiology, Virology




Item of Interest: NSTA 
Presentation:  Attitudes 
Toward Academic Honesty of 
Early Academic Career Science 

Dr. Rod Nelson

Associate Professor
Office: MS-317
Phone: 479-788-7618 

Specialties:  Electron Microscopy, Mycology, and Field Botany

Courses Taught:  General Botany, Field Biology, Cultural and Economic Botany





Item of Interest: Secretary/
Treasurer for the Society of
College Science Teachers

Dr. Linda L. Tichenor

Associate Professor
Office: MS-224
Phone: 479-788-7640 

Specialties:  Science Education, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology

Courses Taught:  Anatomy and Physiology, General Physiology, Disease Physiology, Histology


Item of Interest: Publication
in Genetics:  The maize Ab10 
meiotic drive system maps to 
supernumerary sequences in a 
large complex haplotype.

Dr. Rebecca J. Mroczek-Williamson

Associate Professor
Office: MS-220
Phone: 479-788-7964  

Specialties:  Botany and Molecular Genetics

Courses Taught:  General Botany, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Cancer Biology, Plant Physiology

Item of Interest: Publication 
in The Journal of College 
Orientation and Transition:  
Students’ adjustment to college: 
A ‎comparison of orientation 
program attendees and 
Mrs. Kristine Garner

Assistant Professor
Office: MS-329
Phone: 479-788-7614

Specialties:  Invertebrate Zoology, Education, Anatomy and Physiology

Courses Taught:  Anatomy and Physiology, Invertebrate Zoology, Evolutionary Biology






Item of Interest: 
Established Tri-Beta (Biology 
Honor Society) Chapter at 
UA-Fort Smith

Dr. Amy Skypala

Assistant Professor
Office: MS-218
Phone: 479-788-7825 

Specialties:  Animal Behavior and Evolutionary Biology 

Courses Taught:  Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Biology, Zoogeography, Parasites and Behavior


Item of Interest: Co-Author:
Microbiology: A Pet Approach

Dr. Dale Amos

Assistant Professor
Office: MS-312A
Phone: 479-788-7746

Specialties:  Evironmental Science and Microbiology

Courses Taught:  Microbiology and Immunology, General Microbiology, Conservation and Environmental Science, Environmental Microbiology


Item of Interest: Publication in
The American Biology Teacher: A 
quick and automated method for 
measuring cell area using Image

Dr. Sandhya Baviskar

Assistant Professor
Office: MS-316
Phone: 479-788-7789

Specialties:  Science Education and Developmental Cell Biology

Courses Taught:  Cell and Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Anatomy and Physiology





Item of Interest: Reviewer for 
The Journal of Biotech Research

Dr. Charles P. Vo, DC

Clinical Laboratory Instructor
Office: MS-231A

Specialties:  Microbiology and Human Anatomy

Courses Taught:  Microbiology and Immunology, Anatomy and physiology    


AJ Spires

Laboratory Assistant
Office: MS-233
Phone: 479-788-7613



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